Writing Workshop

Objectives: Students will use the edit their essays after the grammar lesson. Students will also use the rubric to help them finalize the essay.

Aim: How do I vary sentence structure in my writing?


Do Now:

Click the Workshop Link to review some grammar rules.

Mini Lesson:

1. Writing sentences with  various structure

Please click the link to see the workshop contents-


2. Using transitions



Independent Practice

Select a specific area you feel you need support with, go to that page directly.

Vacation Homework:

Pride and Prejudice Project ( Due on 2/24/2014)

  1. Read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin ( E-Text). Write 6 reading logs responding to themes through a specific passage or events in the novel. Be sure to label the theme you are discussing and the page number of the passage. Do not summarize but examine the theme through author’s use of diction, imagery, characterization or conflict, etc.
  2. Select one of the following elements to do your presentation on Pride and Prejudice ( with images if necessary on a construction paper)
  • Elizabeth
  • Darcy
  • a minor character
  • setting/ physical, cultural  and historical background
  • literary movement of Jane Austin’s time
  • theme

If you have been assigned or chosen Elizabeth, Darcy, a minor character, setting, or theme for your presentation, you need to make a claim about the character or theme you are presenting to begin with.

Following the claim, you will provide specific examples or direct quotations form the novel to support or illustrate your claim about the character or theme. Cite the chapter  and page numbers.

To highlight the point of your presentation, explain clearly how the way the character is portrayed by the author contributes to the overall meaning of the work or a theme ( So What part).

If you write about a theme, explain how the theme connects all the elements such as the characters, conflicts or setting together to create an overall effect on a reader.

For the literary movement presentation, read about Neoclassicism or early Romanticism. Make a list of what each term or movement means or embodies.

Identify at least three examples from the novel Pride and Prejudice to exemplify why Jane Austin’s work reflects the movement, i.e. her contemporary characters, or progressive themes.

It might be more helpful if you type up all the information and later paste it on the construction paper. Use some visuals if necessary to enhance the presentation.

Read Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin ( E-Text).

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