Unit 2: Poetics & Oedipus Tragedy

Lesson 9

Objectives: Students will be able to evaluate the structure of an open-ended essay of the AP Literature exam through small group collaboration.

Do Now: Meet with your group members and share your own definitions of cruelty based on page 6 as well as the responses to questions on page 7-8.

Mini Lesson

  • Review the sample introduction ( page 8)
  • Review a sample body paragraph ( page 10)

Student Independent Work

  1. Complete a thesis statement as a group ( page 9)
  2. Evaluate the sample essay on page 14  by using the essay rubric on page 12.

Assessment: Present the evaluations in class.

Score the essay and write a brief rationale for the score.




Lesson 10: Peer-Editing the AP Essay

Objectives: Students will use the AP Essay rubric to peer edit each other’s essay on Oedipus.

Aim: How do we write a strong essay within a time frame of 40 minutes?

Learning Sequence:

  1. Share the 1st draft essay in a pair. Identify one strength and one weakness in your partner’s essay.
  2. Share with the findings in class.
  3. Discuss: How much time do we need to get a thorough understanding with the essay questions? ( 3 minutes)
  4. what constitutes a strong introduction within 5-7 minutes?
  5. How much time can I use for the body paragraphs( 2 usually well-developed)? ( 25-28 minutes) What goes in each paragraph? How do I develop the ideas?
  6. Writing a Conclusion should never be longer than 2-3 minutes. What should I include then?

Homework: Revise the essay. Revision due