Lesson Agenda for 9/26/2017

Objectives: Students will be able to use the AP Poetry analysis essay rubric to evaluate each other and their own work.

Period 2 Agenda:

  1. Partner up with a student who has written at least one draft of the comparison and contrast essay.
  2. In google drive, use the rubric provided peer review each other’s work.
  3. Write your Commendations and Recommendations in sentences in the space at the end of your partner’s essay.
  4. Save the peer review comments in a separate file before you start revising the essay following your reviewer’s comments.
  5. Revise your essay ( draft 3).

Period 3 Agenda

  1. Read the poem Metamorphosis  by Linda Bierds
  2. Complete a TPCASST analysis using a larger poster( the template is on the classroom wall) . Make sure you only include participating students’ names on the poster.


  • Continue revising your Emily Dickinson Frost essay.
  • Respond to the poem “Metamorphosis” by making a personal connection or providing a personal observations of everyday Metamorphosis you see in the world we live in.



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