Active Listening


Objectives: Students will listen actively several video clips about the Power of Myth by Campbell. They will take notes and use them to develop a central idea about myth.

Aim: How do we listen actively? Why actively listening is an vitally important skill?


Do Now: Why is active listening important? What is it like? Listen to Campbell’s descriptions of first story tellers: ( and take notes.


Why did 1st story tellers create myth? What does Campbell mean by myth What does Campbell mean by myth “put[ting]  the mind in accord with the body, and the way of life in accord with the way nature dictates?”

Mini Lesson: How to listen actively? We’ll listen to a clip below and do a practice together. From there, we;ll elicit ideas about how.

Your Turn to Practice:

What messages can we draw from Heroes’ Adventures myth? 

End of the Lesson Assessment: How does active listening help you gain new understanding of what you hear?

Homework: Do a quick and dirty research about Gilgamesh and bring in at least 5 interesting facts about the myth on Monday to share with the class.

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