MP 1 Reflection

Objectives: Students will be able to reflect on their performance during the 1st MP and  set new and applicable goals for the 2nd MP.

Do now: Review portfolio; check Skedula

Mini Lesson:

Review student model essay and- explains why the essay was scored a 4

Independent practice

Making up work you missed and write a reflection for the first MP-

1. Work ethics
2. Attendance  & Punctuality
3. Class Participation- verbal and written; active listening
4. Homework
5. Skill assessment: what are you still struggling with when writing a textual analysis essay? What’s your understanding? What do you want to improve during the 2nd  MP?


1. Research about Emily Dickinson  and select 5 details about her life or work that you want to share with your group members on Wednesday.  Copy them in your notebook.
2. What was happening in the U.S. during 1830-1886? Select three events that are meaningful to you.
3. Where is New England in the U.S.? Who are some of the most famous writers who came from the region? List three.

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